Jerry Ursrey

Jerry Ursrey

Director of Wealth Management

Jerry is a native of Hazlehurst, Georgia where his family owned a home Center, timberland, and three farms. He grew up working almost daily after school in one of the businesses wherever he was needed. He remembers unloading lumber by hand, feeding the hogs and cows, plowing fields, and loading watermelons onto a truck for delivery. He believes this instilled good work habits that he has carried into his Wealth Management Business today.

He graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor's Degree and was a Member of the Sigma Nu Fraternity. He now resides in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, with his wife Olivia, and their beloved Boxer The Judge. They have four adult children, Jennifer, Christa, Sidney, and Michele. Ponte Vedra Beach is the world headquarters of the PGA Golf Tour, which is great for Jerry’s passion for golf. He believes it is one of the greatest sports one can enjoy with others or alone. In fact, many days, he takes his precious Boxer, The Judge, along with him to play nine holes late in the afternoon. Jerry is very dedicated to his daily workout routine of cross-training and believes movement is the new medicine.

Jerry is actively involved physically and financially with Palms Presbyterian Church and its outreach programs such as BEAM, Habitat for Humanity, the American Red Cross, The Jacksonville Humane Society, and Nathan’s Cancer slayers, which is dedicated to his grandson who lost his life to pediatric cancer. Being able to give back to his community and help those in need is a fulfilling part of his life.

He has enjoyed assisting individuals, families and small businesses create, preserve and distribute their assets since 1994 .  Our services are designed to address the unique financial needs of our clients and help them achieve their long -term goals .