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Why Rivergrass?
Protect & Preserve.

Grasses along coastal regions provides shelter and protection. This is exactly how our team at Rivergrass Wealth Management views our role as your partner for your financial life. As you build your future, we work with you to navigate all the circumstances you may face: perhaps a sunny season of abundance or even weathering a storm of an economic downturn. The rivergrass, like our team, will be ever present to provide you with sound financial advice, guidance, and community.

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Our mission is client interests first.

Our priority is getting to know you and your family. We serve individuals, families, and business owners who are doing amazing things throughout the Jacksonville community and beyond. It all starts with your story and your history. We want to know what challenges you face and what brings you joy in order to provide meaningful advice.  

Business Owners

Business Owners<br/><br/>

You have so many priorities vying for your attention; it can be difficult to tell if you’re on the right financial track. We can help you balance both your personal and professional responsibilities by looking at how each decision impacts every area of your life.

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Individuals & Families

Individuals &#38; Families<br/><br/>

Trying to organize your financial life and make better decisions for your family can lead to a lack of certainty! With Rivergrass Wealth Management as your partner, you’ve always got someone guiding you to ensure you’re headed in the right direction.

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Connect with your advisor on a deeper level.&#160;<br/>

Connect with your advisor on a deeper level. 

TF Jenkins is driven to see clients succeed. He views his role as a financial planner like that of a guardian, protecting the wealth of “the most productive and thoughtful people I have ever met.” If you’ve been missing out on an authentic relationship with a financial advisor, you’ll discover a different kind of experience at Rivergrass Wealth Management. TF’s purpose is to preserve and protect the wealth of his clients by delivering exceptional value with his knowledge and expertise.  

  • Rest assured every recommendation is made with client interests first. 
  • Build an authentic relationship where your questions are valued and welcome. 
  • Specific advice tailored for each individual, family, or business owner’s needs. 
  • Transparency and clarity throughout every interaction. 

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